Can I install Torklift products myself?

All of Torklift's truck camper Tie DownsSuperHitch trailer hitches, SuperTruss Extensions and related products come with complete and detailed instruction booklets. Inside, along with step-by-step written instructions to guide you, you will find pictures from actual installations showing you exactly what needs to be done in order for you to enjoy your Torklift product quickly, safely and efficiently. 

Why is it recommended that I use a spring-loaded turnbuckle like FastGuns with my Torklift Tie Downs?

Our frame-mounted tie down system installs to the strongest part of your vehicle: the frame. Spring-loading turnbuckles act as a shock absorber for your camper and helps reduce stress at your camper anchor points. We offer three options for spring-loading your Torklift Tie Down System. The Basic SpringLoad kit, the SpringLoad XL and our legendary Original FastGun turnbuckles.

Is it necessary to spring-load my Torklift camper tie down system?

We recommend using spring-loaded turnbuckles on all four corners of your truck camper to preserve the anchor points. Our Legendary Lifetime Warranty extends to your truck camper anchor points and your vehicle frame when using our frame-mounted tie down and spring-loaded turnbuckles. 

I am buying a new truck and already have Torklift Tie Downs. Will my tie down brackets from my previous truck fit my new one?

All of Torklift's Tie Downs and SuperHitch trailer hitches are made specifically for each make and model of truck in order to use existing factory drilled holes. Therefore, most of our tie down products are a no-drill application. While there is a possibility that your older Torklift tie downs and / or SuperHitch may work on your new truck, it is more likely that they will not. Check the Find Your Fit guide or have your local dealer contact Torklift for the correct application information for your vehicle. 

My chain/turnbuckle that connects from my camper anchor point to my tie down is passing right across my fuel door and now I can't open it. Is there anything that I can do to correct this?

There are two ways to address this issue. The first option is to move your chain assembly to the opposite hole on your tie down insert bullet plate. You may also try moving your tie down insert either in or out by using one of the two holes.

The other option is to purchase a set of Original FastGuns or Derringer Handles lever action quick disconnect turnbuckles. This is the fastest way to remove your truck camper turnbuckles available - the quick disconnect turnbuckles allow you to easily move your turnbuckles out of the way when fueling, loading or removing your camper. 

Do I need to add the Basic SpringLoad Kit if I have the Original FastGuns?

No. The Original FastGuns have an internal set spring inside the square turnbuckle body. The spring is not visible from the outside of the turnbuckle, but if you run your hand down the body of the FastGun you can feel the extrusion of the spring inside at the bottom of the turnbuckle body. 

Will the FastGuns work with other camper tie down systems?

Yes. Our FastGun long-range turnbuckles are applicable for all frame and bumper mounted camper tie down systems. We also have our FastGun short range turnbuckles available which are designed for all bed-mounted systems.

My tie down insert has two keeper pinholes, which one do I use?

Either keeper pinhole may be used for the truck camper tie downs. Two keeper pin locations are supplied to maximize versatility in adjustment. 

Tie Down insert movement

You may note your tie down inserts are not a snug fit between your tie down insert and your tie down frame-mounted receiver. Rest assured, your tie down system was specifically designed to allow the tie down insert to pivot upward and make contact with the inside of the tie down receiver. Once your tie downs are secured to your camper, there is no longer any movement to the tie down insert and tie down receiver. In the event that you remove your camper from your truck, simply remove your tie down inserts to eliminate any unwanted rattle or noise. 

Can I drill my truck frame?

The following general industry standard procedures are recommended for proper installation of special bodies and/or equipment on the pickup frame, such as 5th wheel hitches, snow plows. etc. Failure to follow these recommendations could result in damage to the basic vehicle and possible injury to occupants.

CAUTION: Use of proper safety equipment is recommended when performing any modifications or alterations. 


Holes in the truck frame are not to be drilled in the top or bottom of the frame rails. Holes to mount outriggers, brackets, and supports must be drilled in the web (vertical sides) of the frame rail with the following restrictions:

  1. Hole diameter should not exceed 20mm (0.75 in.).
  2. Material between edge of hole and top or bottom of frame rail must not be less than 40mm (1.50 in.).
  3. The minimum edge distance between any two holes must be larger than twice the diameter of the larger hole.
  4. Any through frame fasteners that torque down on both external surfaces of the frame rail must use an internal spacer/reinforcement to prevent crushing the rail tube.
  5. All holes should be drilled in the frame using appropriate safety precautions.
  6. Avoid drilling holes near the fuel tank, fuel and brake lines and other lines and wires to avoid damage to them. 

Difference between the Steel and Talon tie downs?

The difference between steel tie downs and Talon tie downs are that the Talons are made from military grade aluminum and stainless steel. This tie down composition provides several added benefits to the truck camper tie down system:

  1. Rust-free and corrosion resistant -- Talon camper tie downs come with an additional warranty of corrosion protection for life. If for any reason the original owner experiences corrosion on their Talon tie downs, Torklift will re-powder coat the Talons for free with freight prepaid. Call for details.
  2. Lightweight -- Talons are 50 percent lighter than steel applications. With payload and weight capacities a sensitive factor when it comes to truck camping, a lighter tie down system helps to alleviate unnecessary weight.
  3. Strength -- All precision-crafted Talon aluminum and stainless steel tie downs do not require drilling to install and are always equal in strength or stronger than traditional steel tie downs.

All tie downs by Torklift International have a guaranteed Legendary Lifetime Warranty. In addition, when frame-mounted tie downs are used with spring-loaded turnbuckles, the warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty.

For more information and warranty details, give us a call at 800.246.8132

Can I get new stickers, weather caps, o-rings, etc… ?

If stickers, weather caps for FastGun Locks or turnbuckle o-rings (also known as the spring tension indicators) have been lost or damaged, we will provide complimentary replacements.

To request replacement on these items, click here to contact us or call us directly at 800.246.8132.

How should I tension my turnbuckles?

A very important aspect of installing turnbuckles on a truck camper is applying the correct amount of tension. Camper manufacturers suggest that 300 pounds of tension be applied on all four camper anchor points to secure the truck camper properly. Proper tension on a turnbuckle is designed to correctly connect the truck camper tie downs to the truck camper and avoid any potential damage to either tie downs or anchor points.

The easiest way to achieve the correct amount of tension is with a spring-loaded turnbuckle, which allows some give when your vehicle encounters unfavorable road conditions. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly tension and install Torklift truck camper turnbuckles using the patented spring tension indicator.