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A Tale of Two Camping Titans

Lance Blog1The truck camping and RVing world is in for a nice surprise. Torklift International and Lance Campers have entered into a partnership that aims to start a new “Revolution.” This glorious new partnership combines two great companies to provide adventure enthusiasts with a top of the line truck camper or trailer outfitted with a top of the line step system. That’s right, 2019 Lance 1172 comes standard with ultraSTEPglow factory installed. Also known as the GlowStep Revolution from Torklift, these trailer steps are available on multiple trailers and campers, customers are capable of adding the ultraSTEPglow as an aftermarket part.

Torklift President Jack Kay has expressed his excitement for the Lance and Torklift partnership stating, “Just like Torklift, Lance has been in business for over 40 years. We are passionate about partnering with them (Lance) so customers can have the best and safest camping experience possible.” When you combine two companies who are passionate about their work, the outdoors and are willing to go to the distance for their loyal customers, greatness awaits.

Lance Blog2Torklift isn’t the only one excited about the partnership. Lance recognizes that working with Torklift and offering the ultraSTEPglow system on their equipment is a great opportunity. “Torklift is the type of partner we love to work whose products complement our brand’s quality position in the marketplace,” said Randy Hunter, Research and Development Manager at Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. “On the retail side of the business our customers appreciate the quality, innovation and functionality their products offer.” Both Lance and Torklift strive to offer greatness and provide the utmost quality.

Torklift proudly offers a Legendary Lifetime warranty to ensure the satisfaction of the customer, even years after the product was purchased. Fully manufactured in America, with American made materials, Torklift is dedicated to producing an overall shopping experience comparable to none. A team of engineers works diligently to provide new and innovative products that are built with every piece of quality assurance that can go into a product.

Lance is known for being the best on the market. They offer quality products that are built to be sturdy and last a long time. The quality assurance goes all the way down to the finishing work and even the stitching on the seat cushions. Lance aims to make truck campers and travel trailers that elevate the camping experience to a whole new level.

Lance Blog3Lance 1172 camper with the ultraSTEPglow steps (also known as the GlowStep Revolution)

What is the ultraSTEPglow All About?

Lance Blog4For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Torklift International ultraSTEPglow, allow us to highlight the major features. The “Revolution” started in 2015 when Torklift initially released this marvelous product. The first ever step system with three levels of precision elevation control on the top of the step, and five levels of lower adjustment via the All Terrain Landing Gear. Altogether, the levels of adjustment equal out to SEVEN total inches of vertical fine-tuning. Torklift National Sales Manager, Kyle Bonita explains the All Terrain Landing gear, and what makes it a step above the rest of the industry: 

“One of the unique parts about the ultraSTEPglow is the All Terrain Landing Gear which comes standard on these RV steps and provides ability to adjust, the landing gear attach to the base of the step allowing the step to become level with the ground. They maneuver to accommodate uneven terrain, which is a common occurrence at most campgrounds or boon docking off the grid."

The steps feature glow in the dark strips to illuminate your way back to your camper after the sun has gone down. With the ability to glow up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure, the ultraSTEPglow will surely light your way all through the night. Accessories and innovations to these RV steps makes them even more suitable for all situations. A few add-ons include the GlowGuide, SafeStep, and the DirtDestroyer. Each of these products are designed to better the steps.


The GlowGuide is a handrail that attaches to your camper in two locations and attaches to the steps to give you three points of stability. This offers the user even more safety when navigating up or down the steps. The GlowGuide can be easily stored inside the RV when not in use and is compatible with both campers and trailers.

Lance Blog5ultraSTEPglow and the GlowGuide illuminating the night


Torklift also introduced the SafeStep. An ingenious product that creates a vertical barrier in between each step, protecting your pets or children from falling. The great thing about the SafeStep is that the panels can remain installed even when the steps are being stored. Furthermore, they are made with a UV protected material, so the sharp black color won’t turn gray after repeated harsh exposure to the sun.

Lance Blog6The SafeStep is a protective step riser guard  


The final addition to the accessory line is the DirtDestroyer. We have all seen those weird ineffective bristly things that sit outside of a store or even a house. An effective shoe cleaner to keep people from have to remove their shoes when heading inside. Torklift has developed the DirtDestroyer to do the same thing, only it conveniently attaches to your camper steps and looks great while doing it. Keep the dirt and mud outside of your RV! Quickly and conveniently run your shoes through the DirtDestroyer and voila.

Lance Blog7This shoe cleaning attachment is a perfect addition to your step system

Now thanks to the collaboration between Lance and Torklift, the ultraSTEPglow is now available on Lance truck campers and trailers.


nateWritten by Nathan Miller:
As a graduate from Eastern Washington University, Nathan received his degree in marketing. He enjoys people and partaking in anything outdoors. Nathan once had a staring contest with an owl and won. He is the most interesting writer in the Torklift Universe. 

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