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By: Torklift Jen


An amazing thing is happening as I participate more and more in the world of online RV and automotive forums.  I am getting questions directed to me and I know the answers!


I am learning a tremendous amount in my time spent reading the threads (conversations on specific topics within the forum) everyday.  Participation in these message boards has allowed me to bring questions to my expert teammates here at Torklift International and share what I find by tapping into their wealth of information, ability to innovate solutions and for their support in providing the best service possible to our customers.


I also get to share what I am reading in regard to customer ideas and service opportunities.  I see information passed on about anything from Alternators to Ziplining and a bird’s eye view into the recreation and automotive enthusiast’s lifestyle.1961fordgirl


In the arena of online forums, the camaraderie and passion for mutual interests can be informative and entertaining.  These discussions are two-way streets and sometimes opinions meet head on, but the main goal is to share valuable experience and help and support each other.


Here is a recent thread started on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts site.


“1961FordGirl” writes:  "Hello everyone.. New to the forum.. Just bought this beauty yesterday.. I also bought a 1962 Friendship Vacationaire to pull with it.. Going to do some camping "vintage style". If any of you know where to buy good used parts for a 1961 please let me know.. I need a steering wheel, shift indicator, gas pedal (rubber part). "


The following is a bit of the conversation:






If you’d like to see more on the Torklift SuperHitch Towing Series check out our website:


I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.  I will get an answer to you or will be taking the assignment to heart and also be learning through the process.  I look forward to meeting you!

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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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