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Prolong the Life of Batteries & Prevent Theft with Secured Solar Power Battery Box

Those who have experienced RV battery theft know the pain of replacing such costly items. With increasing reports of campsite battery theft and the familiar problem of battery failure, Torklift International has developed a product to remedy our woes.

The PowerArmor Solar is the only aluminum battery box available that not only will secure batteries under lock and key, but also uses an integrated solar panel to keep spare batteries charged and prolong battery life.


Undercharging or overcharging your batteries can lead to battery failure. With the solar panel battery charger adhered to the lid of the PowerArmor locking battery box, extend battery life up to 400%. During times when your batteries are not in use, maintaining a consistent solar battery charge will dramatically increase the longevity of your batteries. Using energy from sunlight exposure, the PowerArmor Solar can impressively bring your batteries back from 50% charge. If you’re planning on charging just one battery and using the remaining space for storage, it’s recommended to install our regulator to prevent overcharge from occurring. The solar panel itself is produced by industry leader Zamp Solar and is backed by the manufacturer’s 25 year warranty.

PreventTheftatCampsiteThe solar power locking battery box comes in different sizes to accommodate your battery or storage needs. Safely store two to five batteries (dependant on a variety of battery sizes) in the solar power battery box. When not used for batteries, utilize the spacious compartment for safe, lockable storage. Do you have valuable tools or equipment? Be sure they are safely stored.

To prevent theft on the campground, the secure battery box is developed from heavy gauge, high quality aluminum with designs in bright tread diamond plate or high impact powder-coat black diamond plate. With a unique slide top for quick and easy access to extra storage space, the locking battery box can bolt to your trailer tongue or camper bumper. All PowerArmor Solar boxes include an interior battery mat that neutralizes battery acid preventing any corrosion that may occur.

Not only can your batteries be stolen, your camper or trailer can be seriously damaged in the event of cut and run theft at the campsite. Don’t let expensive battery theft happen to you. Gain peace of mind by knowing your batteries are safely stored and also take full advantage of the longevity of battery life. After all, replacing batteries and repairing your vehicle can become very expensive!

The solar charging battery box is covered by Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

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Monday, 13 July 2020

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