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Truck Camper Sway? Here’s how to stop the sway and wobble

b2ap3_thumbnail_challengerdaphne.pngWhen Torklift introduced the StableLoad Challenge to rally attendees this past September, truck camper owner Daphne Risso was excited to be one of the first to participate.

By taking the StableLoad Challenge, it would give her the opportunity to test-drive an F-150 with a 2,800-pound load in the back both with and without the Torklift International StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

Since rally-goers either haul a truck camper or tow a trailer on a regular basis, we wanted to capture initial impressions from their hands-on experience. The StableLoad suspension stabilizer prevents side-to-side sway, bounce, and dramatically improves handling while towing or hauling.


Take a look at a clip from Daphne Risso’s test-drive:

During her experience, Daphne Risso said that with the StableLoads engaged, the truck did not feel like it was wobbling so much.

“It feels more balanced, Risso said. “I am not kidding you! I definitely feel the difference the StableLoad makes.”

The wobbling that Daphne Risso mentioned is very common when trucks are loaded with something heavy like a truck camper. Many times the rig may feel top heavy and sway from side-to-side, causing an uncomfortable ride that feels unsafe. By stabilizing the suspension with the StableLoads, the side-to-side sway is dramatically reduced and overall handling of the truck becomes easier.

Sway reduction is just one of many benefits of installing StableLoads on your truck. Click here to learn more about this affordable suspension upgrade or see full version of the StableLoad Challenge.

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Friday, 10 April 2020

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