Finding the best suspension options for your vehicle

When it comes to suspension, Torklift International understands the dynamics of how your vehicle will handle the load of hauling a truck camper or towing an RV trailer. As a simple and most effective way to upgrade your truck’s suspension, Torklift’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer should be the first approach to remedy any poor vehicle handling caused by suspension issues you’ve experienced.


Your vehicle manufacturer factory installed overload leaf springs on your vehicle’s suspension are designed to help with extra payload or towing when the truck is loaded down. There are two applications of StableLoads; the upper and lower application. The lower StableLoad attaches to the lower overload leaf spring while the upper attaches above the upper leaf spring onto its factory engineered “bump stop.”


A bump stop on the upper overload leaf spring is meant to activate the effects of the overload leaf spring, allowing the suspension to perform more effectively.  Be sure to read our detailed article post if you're interested in learning more about how leaf springs work.

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer
(upper application, shown in yellow for contrast)

The Torklift International upper overload application is designed to replace the smaller, inefficient factory overload bump stop pads, putting the upper overload springs to work sooner.  It stabilizes the vehicle suspension having a significantly positive impact on safety for its passengers and cargo.

RV enthusiasts who are out on the road and experiencing poor vehicle handling issues firsthand often participate in conversations online. This past summer, we noticed an online post regarding an ineffective “bump stop.”

Unlike the Torklift International suspension modification, this style of “bump stop” had several spaces, presumably to absorb and cushion once in contact with the leaf spring. Instead of properly engaging the leaf spring, the bump stop simply collapsed under the load.


This design proved ineffective at supporting the leaf spring. Because it did not engage the leaf spring to its full potential, the stabilizing benefit was significantly lacking.

We turned to Clint Jackson of Fox Island, Wash., for some insight on his experience with the bump stop style shown above in comparison to the Torklift upper StableLoad. Once switching to the Torklift StableLoad upper application, Clint mentions how his truck’s overload engaged much sooner than the style he was previously using.

Clint writes, “The StableLoads were a quick add-on for great performance. They are a quality product and are super easy to install.”

Rather than wasting time and money on an ineffective product, he wished he had invested in the StableLoad design to begin with.

Torklift StableLoads bolt to each of the vehicle’s overload frame bump stop pads without drilling. As a set of four for both front and back (vehicle and passenger sides), the specially engineered and proprietary dense polyurethane design proves to be extraordinarily durable and carries a lifetime warranty. For a dramatic improvement in vehicle handling stability, choose the Torklift upper StableLoads as an enhancement for your factory bump stops.


As the best suspension upgrade for towing or hauling, the combination of upper and lower StableLoads can solve significant poor vehicle handling performance issues and help eliminate any negative side effects.


Each precision crafted StableLoad stabilizer kit carries our Legendary Lifetime Warranty. Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension upgrade.


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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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