How do StableLoads affect my factory overload leaf springs?

You might be wondering what the StableLoad suspension stabilizer can do for your suspension. The StableLoads dramatically improve handling while towing or hauling by preventing side-to-side sway, bounce, and body roll and more.

To understand how StableLoads offer these benefits, you first have to understand how they impact your vehicle manufacturer installed overload leaf springs.

We will start off by letting you know that when you use the StableLoad, not only do you get our legendary lifetime warranty with our product, but we also extend that warranty to your vehicle leaf springs when using the StableLoad.

Let’s briefly talk about how overload leaf springs work.

Lower overload leaf spring 

When you tow or haul a heavy load, it causes the rear of the vehicle to sag downward. Once the rear sags downward, it causes the leaf springs to begin to come into contact with the overload leaf springs, which is exactly what you want to have happen.

Lower overload leaf spring compresses under load

Once this happens, your overload leaf springs are beginning to be put to work but only at a small percentage of their total capability and they are starting to help you to manage what you are towing or hauling by making your ride safer and more comfortable. However, this only happens once the overload leaf springs come into contact with the rest of the leaf springs.

So, what are the problems with the sag and the delayed contact with the overload leaf spring?

The vehicle must drop down several inches in order to come into contact with the overload leaf springs leading to rear sag. When the rear of the vehicle sags it causes the front of the vehicle to lift up which causes the following problems:

  1. Front end steering is now out of proper steering alignment making the vehicle feel unsafe with a delayed steering response as though it is floating like a boat.
  2. The front of the vehicle is responsible for up to 70% of the vehicle’s stopping ability. The braking distance is extended due to significantly less weight on the front tires. The front of the vehicle is lifting up as the rear of the vehicle sags.
  3. Headlights are now pointing upward with the front of the vehicle creating a nighttime road hazard by blinding oncoming traffic.
  4. Tire wear is increased due to the misalignment of the steering leading to premature tire wear failure.
  5. Fuel mileage is decreased due to misalignment and uneven tire footprint from uneven load and vehicle riding unleveled.


How do StableLoads stabilize your vehicle?

The StableLoads stabilize your vehicle suspension by taking up the gap between the overloads forcing them to come into contact much sooner, significantly reducing sag and making your factory overload leaf springs operate at 100% of their capability. This enables them to maximize their contribution in creating a safe and pleasant driving experience.


So what happens when your overload leaf springs come into contact sooner with the StableLoads?

  1. Reduced sag
  2. Reduced body roll and sway
  3. Far better handling for driver control

Don’t take our word for it! We’re turning to our customer reviews to show how StableLoads make a significant difference.

Let’s see what Mike Ware from Brighton, Colorado had to say:

Click here to learn more about the StableLoad suspension stabilizer.

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Have you ever been in your truck and felt like you were driving a boat?

The StableLoad Challenge gave those experienced with towing and hauling the opportunity to drive a Ford F-150 with a 2,800-pound load in the back, both with and without Torklift International’s StableLoad suspension stabilizer. As a suspension upgrade for hauling truck campers or towing trailers, it was our goal to get candid responses from those participating in the test-drive at a recent rally.

StableLoad Challengers on Make A Gif

If you haven’t already watched Torklift International’s StableLoad Challenge, be sure to view the full video and see how the experience made a huge impression on rally-goers who took the challenge.

As one of our challengers, Diane Leff jumped at the chance to test-drive the StableLoad suspension upgrade. Buckled up and ready to roll, let’s take a look at Diane’s experience.

StableLoad Challenge Diane on Make A Gif

Ford F150 with no suspension upgrade:
“It’s like a boat. I feel the side-to-side motion and it’s not as responsive,” says Diane. “I wouldn’t want to drive this under these conditions for very long and not feel safe and in control.”

Challenger Diane on Make A Gif

Ford F150 with StableLoad suspension stabilizer engaged:
"…I feel the difference already. It’s a much smoother ride. This is amazing!”

When driving without the suspension enhancement, Diane Leff immediately points out the rocking feeling as if the vehicle was “like a boat”. With side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising effects, she found that the truck was harder to control. When it came time to drive the truck with StableLoads engaged, she felt the difference immediately.

Preventing body roll is important in order to tow or haul safely. To regain control of your truck, learn more about how the StableLoads work for your suspension.

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Uppers or Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jenstableloads


Sounds to me like a painful choice to make at the dentist?


But, in reference to adding Torklift StableLoads as a suspension upgrade to your vehicle, it is as easy as looking at the set-up of your overloads.


I get asked often the difference between the StableLoad part number A7200/A7202 and A7310/A7311.  There are a few differences but both significantly reduce side-to-side sway, bounce and sag while towing and hauling.


Like choosing the right tires for your vehicle, finding the fit and compatibility for your vehicle is the place to start.  The right fit for your application will make going down the road a whole lot smoother.


But with the A7310 and A7311 you can engage and disengage them while they are still on your overloads.


Now what is the difference between the A7310 and A7311? Just a drill kit.


For the small percentage of lower overloads that don’t already have a pre-drilled hole you need our cobalt drill kit.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of you who have upper and lower overloads, we recommend starting with the A7310 StableLoad as long as you have a pre-drilled hole.


To find a Torklift International dealer in your area, click here:



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Whoa, Nellie!... by Torklift Jen

Do you ever get that feeling while towing or hauling when your mental brakes kick in and the weight of your truck is not stopping with you?  Those teeth clenching, heart racing, toe-curling seconds can seem like minutes.Truck

I looked up the word for this affliction and it’s called agoraphobia.  It’s the phobia of losing control, of not being able to stop.  In an extreme case, it’s the fear of leaving the house entirely, but we’ll leave that to a trained psychotherapist to treat.

There is good news when this prognosis pertains to you and your truck’s suspension.

“Big Red” gets all the cool stuff, and I have been amazed with the control while driving this F-350 with StableLoads on and a fully loaded camper and trailer.  I was taught how to easily disengage the units myself when I’m not towing, so the ride is not affected at all for daily driving.

The engineers here tell me they help with the forward surge I was feeling and improve the truck’s handling while loaded by pre-activating the factory overload spring.  They work alone or in conjunction with air bags as they do two different things.

In fact, to level with air bags when carrying a heavy load means taking the majority of the weight off the factory suspension.  The weight is then carried on an area roughly the size of two footballs.  By bypassing the factory suspension, you can actually experience an increase in unsafe handling such as bucking, sway, and body roll.

Tame your beast and save yourself an expensive trip to the therapist.

StableLoads are the lowest cost, most effective and highest return suspension modification on the market.


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